Monday, January 26, 2009

It is all about the small things

Despite the carefully laid out plans and the miles and miles of lists that we've been making in order to maintain some sort of control over the chaos of the Schwartz Family Life....The clock in ticking down and we're starting to feel a bit of pressure.

So, what does a Mama do when she has a To Do List that seems overwhelming? She sits and she knits. If her belly is round and her organs are getting kicked and punched by little teeny tiny angel hands she knits wool soakers.

Sophia has been a cloth diaper baby since day 1. We've tried pretty much everything except the All in One diapers (which are the Cadillacs of cloth diapers. I never bothered because they take FOREVER to dry and it seems like they're less efficient because of the extra energy consumed by the dryer.) I have a pretty abundant stash built up from Soph (who is fascinated with what Mom and Dad do on the toilet but not yet interested in doing it herself) but we were lacking in the newborn department. In any event, I got a great deal on some organic fitted newborn diapers. All I needed to do is knit up a few wool covers.

So, in the middle of our somewhat crazy life I started hunting down patterns and picking out 100% wool from my stash of yarn. (That's right folks...I didn't buy ANY new yarn for this project. I just used what I had on the shelf!)

How loved would you feel if you were raised by a family that actually covered your sweet little buns in something healthy, safe, AND handknit?? We're hoping that the warm fuzzies that our children will one day feel because I knit their diaper covers will cancel out their need for therapy because of all the bizarre traits they received via their genes.

...and.....They are so damn cute.

After I finished 5 diaper covers I decided to take a break and knit a new sweater for the Big Sister. I saved a few skeins of organic cotton from the moving madness and cast on and knit this sweater.

Much to my surprise (and thanks, no doubt, to the car ride to and from South Jersey yesterday) I knit the entire sweater in less than 24 hours. I wove in the stray ends last night before bed and Soph got to try it on this morning.

She ran several laps around the house after I put it on and was rather happy with herself. She didn't really enjoy the photography session though. She's much more interested in DOING the photographing and doesn't like actually getting her picture taken.



Katie said...

hey! it sounds like you're doing a good job holding onto your sanity in all of the craziness that is your life! i've been meaning to call you to check in, but i always want to call at two in the morning - i'll try to get to it early in the evening this week! xoxo

mames said...

there really is nothing cuter than those soakers and that little girl in her sweater. ahhh, the joys of mama knitting. fast and gorgeous and shouting 'loved'.

crystal0901 said...

Those soakers are awesome. Did you ever see the flannel diapers my cousin made me?

Unfortunately the cloth diaper phase didn't last past 3 months bc I had a near post-partum meltdown and that was the first thing that went out the window.

Your kids are going to love you for having taken the time to make and bundle them in cloth/knit diapers!

sarah said...

Sophia is so freakin' cute its crazy.
Where did she come from ?! ;) I can't wait for tiny best friend #2