Sunday, November 8, 2009

Through Soph's Eyes

Soph has been experimenting with my camera. She loves taking pictures and, now that she's including heads and other important body parts in her photos, I can share her art with you.

(No, I was not sleeping while the kids played on the bed! I swear she caught me blinking on a bad hair day.)

Baby butts are very important to this artist. This shot is just one of several hundred that I found on my memory card.

Yum. Potato Leek Chard Soup about to be blended into a super yummy puree. After snapping this shot Soph dropped to the ground screaming like she was being eaten alive by a lion because I had "pushed da buttin" on the blender when she wanted to do it. Oh joy.

I didn't think that my face was going to actually be in the shot. Lol. She showed me.