Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holiday Booty

I hope that your holiday was as festive as ours. Sophia and I celebrated our first Christmas at home, in our pj's, with George. She will, one day, forgive us for not decorating but I'm sure it will only be after forking over a few paychecks to a lovely therapist some time in the distant future.

Geo and I were up early on Christmas morning and were blessed with some time to chat over warm breakfasty goodness while our dearest angel lay sleeping in the room above us. Just having him home and healthy (mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually) is something I'll forever be grateful for. It humbles me to think that other families that we have grown to know and care for spent this holiday without their loved one to help assemble toys, disagree on directions, or to share the spirit of family with.

When Soph finally realized that it was morning she slid out of bed and ran out to the balcony. We thought that we might be able to shuffle her past the living room and into the kitchen for some breakfast first but she was on to bigger and better things. Who needs food when you have toys that have yet to be licked??

After enjoying the better part of the morning playing we convinced her to come into the kitchen and have some eggs (Do you know that the girl eats 3-4 scrambled eggs each morning?....she out eats both Geo and I regularly!).

She wasn't coming, however, without bringing along some of her new toys. She settled on the heaviest of them all and toted her new dollhouse into the kitchen for some more playtime. She seems to especially enjoy trying to stuff the Dad into the crib-sized bed and tossing Jose' the Firefighter through the front door.

She is a blast to watch.

After breakfast we decided to venture out on a family walk. The weather was especially beautiful and Soph held her demands to be carried off for several miles.

Our usual landmarks include a covered bridge (we bypassed it for this trunkated walk due to the Mommer's enlarging belly and sore back), a creek, a large turkey, a very large pig, a few goats, and a house with a Beware of Cat sign.

The owners of the goats invite the community to step into their yard and greet the pets (as to not become a splatter of roadkill along the beautiful country road). Soph really, really enjoys this part of the walk. The bigger goats generally drop whatever they're doing and mosey on over to the fence to sniff the Peaster, lick her and try to nibble on anything possible. I haven't always had postive experiences with goats, but these are very kind, gentle and less smelly than your average goat.

We fishished the walk, took a nap and played for the remainder of the day.

Overall I'd say that our holiday was perfect.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wishing you and those you love a safe and joyous holiday season.

May the new year bring a renewed sense of peace, serenity and a new level of inspiration to your life.