Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

A real father:

Works hard to get to know his daughter despite being 7,000 miles away when she is born.
Cries the first time she sees her.
Watches videos before bed at night so he can hear her voice.
Dreams of how she smells.
Shares the covers and his half of the bed.
Wakes at any time of night and fills her belly with kefir.
Turns the music up and dances the night away.
Asks to learn how to wear his girls in slings.
Doesn't mind carrying a paisley diaper bag.
Supports the breastfeeding relationship between his children and their mother.
Tells stories.
Enjoys nothing more than an afternoon nap with little feets in the small of his back.
Provides kisses and cuddles whenever asked.
Enthusiastically agrees to "catch" their baby during birth.
Kisses away real and perceived boo-boos.
Insists that there be laughter.
Washes cloth diapers.
Watches stacks of birthing videos to prepare for a homebirth.
Spends extra time in the shower when little ones ask to get rained on.
Lets his little ones pick out the books.
Swings his girls around until they erupt with laughter.
Stays up late to do the dishes while mom snoozes with the kiddos.
Knows you can be firm and set limits without hitting or shaming your children.
Loves his children's mother.
Beams with pride and wonder.
Is filled with and shares love and tenderness.
Puts aside chores and time with friends to play with a wooden kitchen.
Understands the frayed nerves of a frazzled mother.
Never grow too old for funny faces.

Happy Father's Day!
We are so lucky to be loved by you.


The Mommer,
Sophia and Madeline