Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Madeline!

one year ago today our family grew by two, ms. madeline, had us by the throat and filled our hearts with boundless joy.
(and our ears with the loudest screams we've ever heard!)

your birthday party was planned for home but you decided on a change of scenery.
i've never felt so relieved as when i heard your heartbeat on the monitor that night.
i've never been so thankful as when we were told that you were doing alright despite the scare.
i walked, i talked, i cried.
i wanted so badly for you to slide into our family on my terms
that i nearly forgot that you had a say.

you navigated perfectly,
a body twisting and swaying.
legs rooted strongly in the ground and a top that flowed with the wind.
our last dance while sharing one body.

i have been humbled.this year has been loud, fast and streaked with bright colors.
your birth was the beginning of a whirlwind.
your birth was the beginning of so much growth.
a journey.
one filled with hills and valleys, the tallest mountains I've ever climbed
and the most breathtaking views ever.

you are so special, Mads.

thank you for your courage.
thank you for your heart.
thank you for your unbridled laughter.
thank you for your persistence.
thank you for your forgiveness.
thank you for your willingness to share.
thank you for your amazing smile and those beaver teeth.
thank you for mooing and clucking, and saying uh-oh 1,000,000 times a day.
thank you for waking me, breaking me and watching me put myself back together.
thank you for choosing us.thank you for loving us.
thank you for they way you sit up in bed when you first wake up just yell for us to come get you.
thank you for being my snuggle-bug.
thank you for running to Papa Bear with big, open arms.
thank you for getting excited when I walk through the door.
thank you for all the fun.for today, yesterday and tomorrow.