Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Out on the Town


Earth Mama said...

I LOVE that second picture! So cute. Is town still the far away town? Regardless of where it is I hope you and fam doing great.


Seraphina Firenze said...

Hey Nicole,
Please let me include you in the Peas. I know Katie would be thrilled to see you, hubby and the girls. Maybe you all could set a date. My hubby and I are very flexible on the vacation timing. Is your hubby a fisherman? I can arrange for fishing from a private dock or boat. And the house has two full beds, two sofas and three inflatible thingies. Plus some reclining furniture in the sunroom. The lake here during the summer has more of a New England vacation village feel. Many families out walking about, at the pool, picnicing at the groves, on the water , of course. But really very layed back. I think you all would have a good time. And the neighbors are very nice. Our Russian freinds are already excited about the Peas visit.
So talk amongst yourselves and decide. Or space out a few house sittings. We are open to most anything.
Take care and hug the munchkins for me,