Monday, August 30, 2010

A New Beginning

Dearest Daughters,

I feel like our family blog is like a vacation home. It was a place that I regularly visited when I first set up camp a few years ago. Like anything new, I visited and played and fully enjoyed the space. As the time has past, our family has expanded and our days have grown even fuller I spend less and less time documenting the richness of our experiences. I'm torn because I want you both to look back on the years before you have crisp, clear memories of childhood and peek at this time in our (crazy) family life. I love to create but scrapbooks and journals just aren't my thing. (I have several hundred photos of Soph's first year in a box somewhere...the idea of organizing them is daunting!)
I've recently been meditating on the concept of impermanence and exploring the ways in which I try to capture moments in time. Jotting notes, painting pictures in my head and snapping endless pictures. The days sometimes pass so quickly that I selfishly fear I won't be able to hold onto the smell of your baby heads or the sound of your deep laughter and joyousness.

Life is full of ebbs and flows and I hold onto the belief that these trinkets of our hearts will somehow make the challenges less frightening and the joys all that more beautiful.
There is a part of me that feels like I should address the content of my absence but let's just say that the last year has been full. Full of changes and new editions. When I look back on the last few years our life resembles nothing of where we all began a few short years ago. New careers, new family members and several new addresses. Lots of ebbs and lots of flow! Your ability to bend with the wind and flow with the rivers of our crazy life is inspiring.

I'm recommitting to regular visits here. I am working to detach from the idea that I can freeze time or create a way to reconnect with an experience, but an focused on opening our hearts and sharing.

So, a new beginning. A fresh start here on The Schwartz Family Files :)

More love than ever,
The Mommer

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Headed to Camp

I wonder if there is enough room out in the Great Wide Open for these two personalities :)