Thursday, January 1, 2009


For me, starting off a new year has always been about gratitude. I spend the last few days of the previous year reviewing all we've done, the changes we've made, and how our family and friends have impacted our life and I always spend the first day of the new year amazed.

2008 was a very, very big year for us. There were so many things that went on in our lives that it is hard to imagine we fit it all in one year!

Last January, Sophia and I were cleaning the house and bringing order to our All Girls Palace. We were making and checking off things to do on our list. We were pacing the floors waiting for the day that George was set to come home. His trip from Afghanistan to the United States was long and, because the guys were pretty much stuck for a week with nothing to do, included hours of reading bad novels and wishing they could speed up time. Its a good thing he had time to rest because as soon as his boots hit the ground in the US we were off and running.

They out-processed for 4 days and were back in Pennsylvania with two shakes of a fist! We were packed and migrating to Florida for our very first family vacation. The weather was amazing, the vacation was relaxing. This was the beginning of a new life for all of us. As we flew back home Sophia and I tried (really hard...really! hard!) to leave "Our Way" of doing things in the south and came home to a house filled with family love!

George enjoyed 40 days of being reminded of how "We Do It" and receiving instructions on proper diaper changing, bathing and sleeping habits. (He was so patient with me, I swear the man is a saint). After his sentence with The Mommer (and yes, that out-ranks a Lieutenant Colonel) was up he started his new position as Deputy G3 in Harrisburg. To date he still makes the 3 hour round trip to and from work.

Overall the transition from a Mommer run house to a Schwartz Family house was smooth for George and Sophia. Their adaptability just amazes me. They're both so easy-going and flexible. I had a more difficult time but eventually caught on.

Overall we've enjoyed the year and all its gifts. Watching Sophia grow from 9-19 months has simply been amazing. She started walking at the beginning of the year and now prefers to run everywhere. She has developed this silly idea that she is a separate person with her own preferences. Humph!

I want to thank you all for stopping by our little blog, saying hello and keeping up with what we're doing. I am so appreciative for the support you so willingly offer. I feel blessed and honored that you have joined us on our life's adventures. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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mames said...

happy 2009. i did not realize your husband was in the service. sounds like having him home is great for all of you. have a great one, i will be checking in to see how this one goes. and that lolly is lovely.