Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Watching the Clock

George is anxiously waiting to receive "The" Call. He told me today in an email that when the baby arrives, he's responsible for handing out sweets to the ANA and they'll host a dinner in his honor.

I'm still feeling great. A bit heavier, but no physical complaints. No signs of labor thus far....but George is hoping that the Pea is "on time" just like her Dadder always is.

My friends Kate and Calder arrived at the house on Friday. It has been absolutely wonderful to have other people around the house. Even when we spend hours in silence (Kate on her computer hard at work on her final project in her final class for her PhD. program...and me diligently working on various craft projects) the company is great! She will most likely be the one making the first posting about the Pea after the delivery.

Thanks to everyone who has called or emailed with their words of encouragement and support!

Dear Family & Friends,

It has been another great week here at Darulaman. The weather has been warm and nice. We have been doing quite a bit of training ourselves this week, including some time on the range which you know our group loves to do.

During the week, some of us went down east to do another reconnaissance and more coordination with the unit there that our ANA brigade will be replacing. It is really beautiful country down there, but it got is very hot down there -- already having highs up to 100 degrees F.

Our first units started moving to Jalalabad. It is about a 3-4 hour drive from here, so they are getting an early start.

Otherwise, we continue to work on getting the French integrated into our organization. We had a visit from their senior ranking officer in Afghanistan this past week, and he was pleased with how things are going.

As most of us get settled in our new environment, we'll have a busy couple of weeks I am sure, and more to report.

Best Regards,

1st Brigade, 201st Corps (ANA ETT)

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