Saturday, May 12, 2007

Our Visual Birth Story

10 May 2007

The day was beautiful!
And I mean BEAUTIFUL....
The AquaDoula (birthing tub) was filled just right...
The emergency contact numbers were posted ...The most amazing women I've ever met, and the world's best support team, was in place...
And we were well on our way to meeting Ms. Sophia...Comfort and support were endless...guidance and the wisdom of those around me was priceless...At 1:09pm, she entered into the world with a bang (but it was a peaceful bang)9 lbs. + 22 inches long. Ms. Sophia Elizabeth Schwartz
The love of our life.

***I have to add a very, very special, heartfelt thanks to the best birth photographer, Kate "The Deputy Doula". You have a special spirit and an eye for the shot. You made Sophia's birth a piece of art and George +I will be forever in your debt.***

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