Sunday, November 9, 2008

We're Seeing Pink

We decided to have a 21 week ultrasound. The testing provided us with a look at every lovely bone and perfectly shaped organ in our lil' Bean. Growth and development are right on target and everything look gorgeous (other than the little bugger looking like a sea monkey!).

We kindly decline most prenatal testing because we're healthy, low risk and many of today's tests are not medically necessary (this could be the subject of a doctoral thesis and is a point of contention between the medical system and those trained to provide assistance to low-risk birthing, lets save it for another post.) In any event, we had this ultrasound during both pregnancies in order to ensure that all was well inside "the bubble" and to decrease the possibility of a surprise immediately following the Bean's birth (in our spare room).

Sophia had a play date with several friends and we had our appointment while she floated around in a fairy costume for most of the morning. The ultrasound tech was very detailed and she noted each area of the Bean's body as Geo and I started at the screen with anticipation and amazement. As with most things, the output was much easier to read with some experience. After capturing photos of each organ and all important bones the tech asked if we were interested in knowing the gender of our little one and we both said "YES!" There was no question that we were interested. She bounced around my belly trying to get a good angle and showed us how our little angel ways positioned face down with his or her knees pinched shut. She tried for several minutes to convince Baby Schwartz to open up and let us peek.


We were asked to wait for the doctor, but she was guessing that it was a girl since she didn't see anything "poking out." After the longest 7 minutes of the day the doctor came in. He reviewed the findings and proceeded to scan around. At the end of his examination he was able to determine that our little sea monkey was a girl.

George is SO out numbered! (even the cat is a girl!)


Amy Mae said...

Yay!!! You know I love pink! Such fun!

Katie said...

woohoo!!! and i love the pink all stars*