Friday, November 7, 2008

Pictures for the Crowd

It has been a month since my last post and I have started to receive harassing emails. I've been neglecting my photo posting obligations. So here are a few photos of our Peaster enjoying the warmer fall days.

Even on the colder days she stands at the door and begs for one of us to take her outside. She is our nature girl, that 's for sure. She loves walking the neighborhood searching for new and interesting bugs, playing with the dogs across the street and splashing around in any available water.
She has a beautiful way of connecting with the world. Her innocent pleasure makes me appreciate some of the things that a busy life has hurried me past. She sees and hears things that adult ears have long tuned out and it isn't until she points to the sky and signs "airplane" that we actually hear the passing jet. There are so many things that she brings to our awareness. Everyday with Soph is like a lesson in living.

We're forever blessed by you, love.

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Jess said...

you SO made our day. :)
how you feelin?