Monday, November 17, 2008

Another "Tired, Crazy, Official Mom" Angered over Motrin Ad

Yes, I'm another "Tired, Crazy, Official Mom" that was terribly offended by the Motrin ad that was supposed to target the community of babywearing, Attachment Parenting parents (yep, that's Geo and I).

I wish I could have been a fly on the wall at the advertising meetings. The whole table must have thought this ad was a good idea.

I can imagine raising children without cribs, exersaucers, bouncy chairs, pack-n-plays and all the other things that new parents are basically forced to believe that their children won't survive without, but I couldn't have done it without the slings! Wearing Sophia kept her close to my heart, gave me two hands to cook, clean and knit with, ensured that she maintained a safe body temperature, kept strange people from touching her, and most importantly it kept her happy. While sharing space, energy, and basically, mom's body, the parent-child pair learn each others cues and parents can more quickly respond to a baby's needs. Only good things come of wearing your child.

There are so many challenges to raising your children. I survived Geo's deployment with the help of a very long piece of cotton and I tied my beautiful daughter to my torso everyday and night. It practically became another article of clothing. It made single parenting manageable.

And I never took a pain reliever. The sling took a load off of my shoulders by evenly distributing the Pea's weight, and a load off of my heart because she was healthy and happy right next to me.

Edit: I'm adding a link to an interesting NYTimes piece.


Antilles Sail, Inc. said...

cant believe that!!!

Katie said...

wow that's quite an add. on a different note - your post got me thinking about how not having a tv for three years has really left me out of the loop when it comes to adds - in both a good and bad way. i don't have to see crap like this add, but on the other hand i have no clue what's playing in the movie theaters without doing some research!

kristin said...

yo nik, that ad does suck. i am bummin' i missed the craft weekend and hanging out with all the lovely ladies. hope to see you 'round this set of holidays.