Monday, April 23, 2007

Family and Friends Update

Dear Family & Friends,

I apologize for this update coming a little late. I had problems getting into AKO for a couple days.

The weather has been nice and everyone has been busy, despite the ANA's focus on their parade which is finally coming up this Saturday. The Victory of the Islamic Nation (over the Soviet Union) celebration will be both Saturday and Sunday. Most of the brigade is participating, we will not be!

This past week, we had two of our "Dubs Challenge" events to help train new teams joining our brigade. In this case, it was the French ETT and the new National Guard Team. During the event, new ETTs do a lot of marching in full body armor, stopping at various stations along the way to get tested on critical tasks. Participants are usually rather winded by the end because most are not used to the 6,000' elevation here.

Also this past Thursday morning, we hosted a Sports Day with the ANA Brigade. Teams competed in soccer and volleyball, with the ANA winning the volleyball tournament and the "Coalition Forces" (a whole team of French paratroopers with one Marine) won the soccer. It was a lot of fun; see the attached picture.

This coming week we will be doing some weapons refresher training and planning the post-parade training for the ANA.

1st Brigade, 201st Corps (ANA ETT)

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