Friday, September 24, 2010

Roba Family Farm Fun!

There was an unexpected birth this past week and I had to put some of our Harvest Time on hold.  So, to make up for the time missed we took a family trip to Roba Family Farms.  We had a blast! It wasn't a working dairy farm, but more of a harvest time amusement park surrounded by a corn maze (we conquered the mini maze but didn't even attempt the mega maze!). 

Mini maze!

And for anyone who thought I was joking when I said that Madeline was a monkey!

Swinging at the very top of the ladder.


I'm actually impressed that we got all three heads in there!

The drama of the pig races. 

Sophia cried hysterically when she wasn't chosen to cheer on the piggies. 

The educational portion of our trip.

Milking demonstration

Fun, fun family fun!

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