Saturday, May 9, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

George has been in Germany for the last three weeks. He hasn't had much free time but I'm assured that what little he had was spent pining away for his girls.

Today we get to dress up and pick The Dadder up!
In preparation for his return, Sophia has been practicing her Hide and Seek skills. She recently hid from me for about 15 minutes in the baking cabinet. I honestly had NO clue where she was....or that I was playing Hide and Seek!
Ms. Madeline, on the other hand, has started cooing and smiling so she could wooooo her Dadder upon return. How sweet. I wish I had an extra set of hands, or a clone, so I could shoot as many pictures of this cutie as I did of her big sister. It just so happens that the moment I put her down and grab the camera I turn around and have to rush to her side exclaiming... "No Soph, we can't put our fingers ____INSERT ORFICE___(up the baby's nose, in her eyes, or in her ears), sweetie."

On a happier note, my sister was visiting this week. We took turns entertaining the kiddos and putting the house back together. I guess things will never be as organized and clean as they were pre-kids. This is something that I'm working hard to come to terms with. Her presence was calming and I feel so grateful for her vacation time. (During her visit she discovered the robin's nest in the first picture. She and Soph were going out on the back porch to feed the birds some left over bread and Amy nearly had her nose pierced by the Mama Bird.)

1-2-3-4:00 is the big hour!
Woooaaahhh..Counting to four...

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sarah said...

I was just telling someone today about Feist on Sesame Street! Enjoy this also,