Thursday, May 28, 2009

Family Fun

We took a trip to Jersey this past weekend to pick up hugs and kisses from Geo's side of our terrific family. We returned home with full bellies and cheeks full of lip marks!

Pop turns 85 next week so we baked Happy Cake! and took it with us. Soph was VERRRRY excited to see this creation and more than happy to consume her share.

Here is Maddie wearing Pop's New Jersey Meritorious Service Medal that he was awarded on 19 May 2009 for his service during World War II.


Katie said...

ooh, i didn't realize how starved i was for a schwartz update until this arrived! c and i are camping for the weekend, but i'll give you a call when we return! xoxo

Matt said...

OMG, Nicole I cannot believe how much she looks like you in this picture.