Sunday, May 18, 2008

Visit to West Point

We spend this weekend on a family adventure! Two beautiful friends invited us to witness their West Point wedding. We traveled to New York on Saturday morning and played until Sunday. George wanted to be REALLY sure that we were headed in the right direction so he used printed directions as well as the GPS (the second Mother's Day gift!). I slipped into the back seat to entertain The Peaster for a few miles.

We arrived at The Thayer Hotel on West Point's campus in the early afternoon. Due to a strict "No Early Check In" policy at the hotel we were afforded a few hours to play on the lawn. Sophia was glad to stretch her legs (and air out her bum) while being chased by The Dadder.

After getting all gussied up we took a slow ride over to the Cadet Chapel. The architecture, inside and out, is stunning. The chapel organ (which, incidentally I didn't notice while we were there but learned about later) is the largest church organ in the world.

Great weekend.

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Katie said...

great pics! I really love the one where they're both blowing on the dandelion.