Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Birthday Pea

Ms. Sophia,

A year ago our lives were changed forever. Through bountiful joy and heartbreaking sadness you have had and amazingly full year. Growing from 9lbs of baby blubber to having long, slender toddler legs. Around 9months you even allowed a tall, handsome man to move into your space and hog up our side of the bed! You certainly have sprouted!

I'm a first time mom, so forgive me for bragging, but I have admit that I think you're talented and gifted in ways that I don't see in other spirits your age. You've become a great teacher and have already taught your Dadder and I so much about the world that we may have otherwise missed.

It is clear that we have our hands full. You are fiercely independent. A leader in social situations. Amazingly compassionate and have perfect intuition. You have a smile that could stop the world from spinning on it's axle and a laughter that just ripples through the room filling everyone around you with joy and gratitude.

We have never loved anyone or anything as much as we love you. Our hearts burst with praise with every new day. Dad and I are truly honored that you chose to live this life with us. We are better people for knowing and growing with you.

Our wish for this year is that you continue to find your own path in this intense world and to have fun doing so. We ask that you allow us to walk behind or beside you and keep a careful eye on our most precious angel. We pray for the wisdom to honor your spirit and to provide you with the rich and full environment required for you to flourish. Our commitment to you is that we will stretch our imagination to find new ways to play and encourage you.

Sophia Elizabeth you are an answered prayer.

Forever and ever and always,
The Mommer and The Dadder

(Yes, for those scratching their heads....this is a day late. xoxo)

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