Thursday, August 2, 2007

Our Picnic in Reeves Park

It was an amazing day today. I was happy to have kicked my cold and we needed some fresh air. The weather this summer has been terribly hot and humid so Sophia hasn't really been able to experience the beauty of nature yet.

This morning I packed a nice lunch and we headed to Reeves Park for a picnic. I've been driving past the park since we moved to Phoenixville thinking :
"My... what a nice park. I should stop there one day. "
We mailed off a package to The Dadder first and hiked through the grass to find the perfect picnic spot.

We found it below the huge trees. They provided just the right amount of shade .

We had all the ingredients for perfect fun: The Babe, picnic bag, diaper stuff sack and yummy German mineral water....

She loved it.

She really loved it.

She really, really love it.

We (heart) naps.
It was great day!

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