Saturday, July 14, 2007

She's Got Leeeegs, And She Know How to Use Them.

This is the beautiful smile that she had on just seconds before I went to pick up the phone. Now, the phone is a mere 5 feet from where she lay on the "dining room" floor.

Looks perfectly innocent doesn't she?????

On the second ring I get up and walk to the phone. UGH! Telemarketer.
Innocent no more!!! I hang up and turn around to THIS:

They really mean it when they say "Never leave your child unattended." I thought for sure that I had turned a pale shade of grey until I heard her giggle while I'm taking giant steps over to correct this situation. That's right. SHE THINKS THIS IS FUNNY!

I step over her only to see that she is having a grand ol' time!

Isn't life grand?

(ps. Yes, folkes...that thing on her bum is a cloth diaper. They're much nicer than the fold and pin ones of the 70's and 80's. These are all in ones. Very nice. No plastic cover to be worn. They're generally trimmer than other diapers but we have a Super Soaker so I have and extra insert stuffed into hers. Yeah!)

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