Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Letter to My Pea

Ms. Sophia;

Today you are two months old. There are so many things that you've taught me in the last 8 weeks. I have never had more fun learning about someone as I have had with you.

The day you were born you made me a strong woman. Not that I wasn't one before, but as we walked through that long day together I transformed into something much more than I had ever been. Something more that I had ever dreamed of. I've never felt more confident, capable and beautiful that I do today. I just can't thank you enough. Our relationship is indescribable and though I'd love to, I fail to find words to describe the depth of our connection and the beauty of our energy.

You have the most amazing spirit. This was something I learned on your birthday. On your first day of life you decided to make an arduous journey into a very scary place. You were willing to fight your way into a world filled with intense energy, bright lights, loud sounds, and cold air. It was your faith, determination and courage that brought you into my arms. These are qualities that you share with your Dadder. Your presence keeps him close to home because of all the things that you two share. (Especially your toes. I'm amazed at how similar they are to his.)

You're one of those babies that people dream about having.I've learned that you prefer to go to bed early and sleep in late. No problems feeding and you love to sleep all night. Why bother waking up to be changed or to eat when you're dreaming of playing soccer in the backyard with your Dad? Not much bothers you. You adapt well to changes...just goin' with the flow. My yoga baby.

We have done more traveling than the average Mom and Daughter at 8 weeks, and so long as I stop to nurse you upon request, you don't ever seem to mind being on the run. So long as your close to me you're happy. You love to be carried and are the world's best physical trainer...reminding Mom that she needs to walk...walk....walk. As a matter of fact, you prefer to be walked to sleep.

You don't like curry and would prefer that I give up cheese. You have the hiccups at least twice a day just as you did inutero. I MUST stop everything and tend to these darn things. A few minutes of nursing and you're good as gold. You're a feisty one, my dear. Not feisty in that "fussy, inconsolable baby" sort of way...but you're not afraid to express yourself. You want what you want when you want it. I love that about you. No screwing around. You tell it how it is, girl. I think you may have inherited that from me...tee..hehe...

Your Dad and I love you more than we could ever possibly express in any spoken language. We hope to hold you close so you can feel it as our hearts beat close to yours. We hope you can feel it when we whisper in your ears as you sleep and bathe you in sweet kisses. You Dadder has a fascination with blowing raspberries on your belly...yeah...the real loud ones that I do for him before you slip off to sleep at night.

He loves loving you. I love loving you.
We're honored that you chose us as your parents.

the mommer + the dadder

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Katie said...

i thought of soph (and you too!) all day yesterday. particularly when i was wondering dreamily around the Berkeley Farmer's Market. You'd love it!