Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Latest and Greatest

I can definitely see both her parents in about you??
She's already grown and changed so much. She looks less like ET and more like a baby :)

Yesterday we had the pleasure of spending the evening with my mother. She is on a 7 day kayaking sojourn and one of the stops was at Lock 60 right outside of Phoenixville. Around dinner Soph and I packed up and headed out. I parked near Bridge Street and broke out the stroller (No, it isn't an $800 Bugaboo). It was a beautiful walk next to the canal. Soph enjoyed the bumps along the way. She didn't mind all the attention when we arrived either. Nana showed her off to all her new (fair-trade coffee drinking, hybrid driving, hippie) kayaking friends.

Enjoy your Friday!!

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Katie said...

glad to hear that you and soph are having a great time with your little adventures! and it looks like your mom's having a great time on her trip!

ps - do you think she's going to trade in the hummer?? ;-)