Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Arigga Bamboo

Soph and I went on an adventure this weekend! On Saturday afternoon we packed up and took the long trip to the Jersey shore to visit with Pop and the Fosters (and to escape the heat of Phoenixville). The weather was amazing! Warm days and cool evenings. Just the way we like it!

As you can imagine, Pop was delighted to host us for a few days. He has a very special way with children and I was excited to see him holding Sophia. All of the Schwartz women are working girls and he and Nana enjoyed watching after the grandkids while the ladies brought home the (soy)bacon. Here is the Proud Pop:
We called the Fosters on Sunday morning and they rushed over to greet us. Eileen didn't tell the kids that we were in for a visit so when they pulled in the driveway they had a big surprise. Nicole ran around the back of the Escape and exclaimed "IT'S FROM PENNSYLVANIA!!!" Both Tim and Nicole were great with their cousin, offering many kisses. During the visit I gave them the gifts that Geo sent home from Afghanistan. I would say that Tim was the most excited. He entered the house just a kid from Jersey and left Pop's an Afghan millionaire! George bought some Afghanis (the money...not the people) from the bazaar for Tim and he was so excited he insisted that he was going to lose his lunch. Nicole enjoyed some jewelery and Eileen appreciated her Pashmina scarf. Nicole and Eileen shared stories from their trip to DC for the largest sing-a-long in Girl Scout history. It was a celebration of the birthday of the Girl Scouts. Nicole gave us a live reenactment of the sing-a-long and ever since I have had Arigga Bamboo stuck in my head. The experience brought back a flood of memories from Camp Louise. Some good (the swimming relays while wearing a closet full of clothes, the camp songs, and the campfires) and some bad (the HUGE horseflies that bit us in the head when we were swimming). Now, I just can't seem to get the songs out of my head. So..... I've added some here for your enjoyment.

Now....there is NO excuse why you can't be singing along! Here are the lyrics:

Also Princess Pat(everything repeated)

The Princess Pat
Lived in a tree
She sailed across
The 7 seas
She sailed across
The channel 2
And brought with her
Arigga Bamboo

Arigga Bamboo
Bow what is that
Its something made
By the Princess Pat
Its red and gold
And purple too
Thats why its called
Arigga bamboo

Now Capt. Jack
Had a mighty fine crew
He sailed across
The channel 2
But his ship sank
And yours will too
If you don't bring
Arigga bamboo


Now, sit back and remember how lovely childhood was. Didn't the summers seem extraordinarily long back then? I remember the time off between school years going on and on and on.....

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