Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sopher.

Happy 3rd Birthday!!

You are a big, bold three, lemme tell you.

Big smile, big brain,
big personality.

Big sister, big hugger,
big talker and a
big time prankster!

You live life to the fullest
each minute of each day.

When the sun is shining you want your toes in the grass,
When the rain is falling you want to taste it on your tongue.

You're big, girl. Very big.

You have grown faster than we ever could have imagined.
It seems like just a blink ago I was snapping shots of you for The Dadder.
We were hogging the whole bed together.

It seems like just weeks ago when we were watching you take your first steps,
You were enjoying your first snow.

It seems like just a few days ago when you were wobbling on your Scoot for the first time.
Teetering on the seat with a helmet that hid your eyes.

You're big, little girl.
You're bold.
You're 3!


sarah said...

I knew it was someone's birthday today, I just couldn't figure out who. Tell Soph I said happy birthday biotchhhhhh. < you can quote me directly or edit as you see fit.

mames said...

happy happy bday sopher!!!

and i hear every single word you wrote to her, nicole. how does it go like that? water flows but not as fast as our littles grow.

:) someday you, katie and i will find a way to meet and laugh at the lives that come together in this way.


p.s. and a happy day to you too. i know we walk so much of the same road in our mamahood and i always love sharing in yours. thank you.

mames said...

happy happy late bday, spohers!!! you are awesome and so is your wonderful mama. :) amiee