Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas: Schwartz Style

"Ess tooo heeavy!"

Sophia playing with Mads new maple race cars from Little Sapling Toys.

Yummy cheddar spinach fritatas.

(8 eggs, 1/2 c. whole milk, 1 c cheese, 1.5 c. chopped spinach.
Wisk, scoop into mini muffin cups. 8-10 min at 350. ! Sooo easy)
The newest Schwartz.
A huge Jade plant from Ms. Ann. This piece fell off of a larger jade this summer. She planted it magic it took.
I jade plants.
I have been drooling over her big babes for a long time!!!!

The Dadder sporting his newest pj's.

Sophia enjoying the Melissa and Doug treehouse that George spent the better part of Christmas Eve (evening) assembling.

The Water Colors Wooden family from Purple Lizard. We got each of the girls a set. They came in a great travel pouch with pockets.
I pack small toys and a teeny container of play clay for restless periods when we're out (restaurants especially). I'm hoping to add these travel families to our pack.

Foamy blocks for Mads. There are already baby teeth marks in the corners of the animals!

Kitty fun.

Sophia's infectious laughter and a face smattered with yogurt. She wrapped in Sarah's silk which, before the yogurt snack, was being used as a sling for Puppy and George (one on front and one on back....I'm so proud!)

We had a beautiful holiday. Filled with family and demands from our 2 year old.
"Open this! Gimme that!"
"NO, this one is next!"

I'm sure that my mother is laughing. She knows all too well what it is like to raise a daughter like Sophia. I'm afraid that she gets it naturally. My nickname was Queeny.

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mames said...

What a lovely day. The treehouse is awesome. Queenie, huh?

Happy new year! A