Thursday, July 9, 2009

Letort Park and Playground

We found the most amazing park in Carlisle. It has a stream filled with quacking ducks, a well managed nature trail, and the largest wooden playground that I have ever seen. It is absolutely amazing.

Soph played Hide and Seek with Madeline for over an hour without getting bored (or lost!). There are so many neat areas that it was easy to run miles without realizing it.

Madeline was content tucked inside the ring sling. It is hard to get pictures of both kiddos during activities. (Who am I kidding??'s hard when we're not doing anything at all too!) I think that you should grow an extra set of arms with ever child born.

Soph had to sit down and chat with the ducks before we left for the evening. She made friends with a few of them on our way in. She certainly has the waddle down!


sarah said...

I think I taught her that waddle when we were visiting with the momma goose during our Sir Francis Scott weekend.

Katie said...

holy cow, I still didn't send you guys the great pictures from that weekend. I'll get on it. In the meantime, I have to say that Sopher toes are my favorite kind!

Matt said...

This really could be a postcard.

mames said...

i love the posts of the girls. seeing them together tugs at my heart...the look mads is giving soph. i realize it is one i will not ever see, the younger gazing adoring like at the elder. the boys are so equal, you know, there is just not that kinda' worship. lovely.