Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fun. Fun. Fun!

The girls got Geo a super swell present to celebrate all of the previously read bedtime stories and the many, many more to come. Now, Dadder can have his cup of morning Joe and read all the newspapers his heart desires.....all before his girls are even out of bed.

Sophia was so excited when the Priority Shipping box came in the mail that she immediately insisted on drawing on it. We picked fresh flowers from the yard and tucked them inside her masterpiece and anxiously awaited Dad's arrival from work.

After all...what is more fun than surprising someone with an unexpected gift??

After opening the present and passing out kisses we decided to introduce Sophia to the joys of packaging peanuts.

Needless to say...she loved them.

And we're still picking up the pieces :)


Katie said...

surprises are the best, and i can't wait to hear geo's review of the kindle - i saw one on the subway the other day and was really impressed!... and wait until you hear about sarah's surprise gift! i'm sure she'll post about it soon:-)

sarah said...

Wow, just when I think Sophia can't get any cuter...
I'm about to post about my present now..