Friday, March 6, 2009

Time Is A Tickin'

I'm a list maker.
I write lists.
I rewrite lists.
I check off lists.
I highlight things on lists.
I make lists about lists(....alright...maybe not since grad school...but you get the picture).

I think it is my way to bringing some sort of appearance of order to otherwise impossible tasks. Order out of the chaos that is my life and brain at times.


* Return to Phoenixville
* Room prepared
* Camera battery charged
* Birth Plan written
* Hose for birth tub purchased
* A stack of wool diaper soakers knit
* Cabinet stocked with plenty of fresh loose leaf tea to drink (including catnip for a new mama's nerves)
* Herbs dried. Sitz bath made. Salve has set.

To Do:

* Grocery shopping
* Meal planning
* Deputy Doula (Kate) to arrive in town

So, I left detailed instructions (in list form) for Geo to come up with 7 dinners that he'd like in the next two weeks (he complied with the demand). I'll match them up with 7 of my own dinners and we'll make a calender. Anyone wanting to help with life can feel free to stop by our fridge and check out what is on the menu for that day. Cook away.

The lists have been written. I'm going to check off the grocery shopping and meal planning today.....So once Kate is in town we'll be completely prepared for Baby Schwartz.......well I'll be completely prepared anyway. I'm not sure anything will fully prepare my wonderful husband or our darling daughter for what is prepared for the madness that may (read: probably) ensue.

We just might have to write a few more lists.


sarah said...

I'm super excited for the new babe. I also received your email and you'll be getting a reply shortly. I am only an hour away and I know how to cook things....if a cookbook is provided :)

Katie said...

woohoo! i'll leave it at that for the moment and arrive this evening with my apron on :-)