Sunday, September 21, 2008

WARNING: Political Video...You may actually feel inspired

Since this is a family blog, I should mention that George is completely opposed to this type of campaigning.

I, on the other hand, and just energized by the ability of a political candidate to engage parts of the American public that have felt like their voice hasn't mattered in a long, long time. I'm inspired that people are actually excited about voting.


Sr John said...

Go John McCain!!!

Nicole said...

Wow Sr John...Thank you so much for the insightful political discussion.

Simply brilliant.

Sr John said...

Your hubby is absolutely correct!!

It's time to switch to the better side.

Come on...

Geo said...

Actually, sweetie, the video that I had such a visceral reaction to, was the one with all of the Hollywood celebrities in it. While I don't find this video inspiring, I don't have anything against it.

I get really offended by the idea that celebrities think that because they are rich and famous, that everyone else should take their political opinions so seriously.

I like Matt Damon as an actor, for example, but he does not have any credentials that would make me take his political opinions seriously. Several news outlets, however, give him the air time for him to express his views.

Everyone is entitled to his or her opinions, but that is all they are: opinions. So many people are only tuned in to pop culture as their source of news and information, that instead of doing the real work of a voter to understand the candidates and the issues, they just vote for whoever their favorite celebrity tells them to vote for. It gets back to one of the fears of our founding fathers: a tyranny of the ignorant.

sr john, I think that John McCain is an outstanding candidate, and I really excited this year that we have two such fine candidates to choose from. However, you read too much into the post because after a lot of deliberation, I am voting for Barak Obama (despite all the silly videos).