Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Chief BerryFace

We met a friend and her little munchkins for folktales and Pick Your Own berries at Willow Creek Orchard today.

Oh did I learn a lot about toddlers and farms! We sat under a large tent and listened to folktales by David Joe Miller, a professional storyteller. He was entertaining for the older kids and adults but Soph was more excited about interacting with other kids her age.

After story time we ventured into the blackberry bush with baskets in tow. After about three feet Soph sat down with some Veggie Booty and decided that she preferred to have a picnic instead of picking berries. I was satisfied that she was engaged enough to allow for me to actually pick a few. After a few minutes she gave a shout that indicated that she was out of Booty and wanted to move on to something else......this is where I caught the first glimps of Chief BerryFace.

She HAD moved on to something else....the over ripe berries that had fallen from the vines onto the ground near her picnic spot. Ohhhhh...they felt soooo good being smoooshed between her fingers! She HAD to have MORE MORE MORE!(For the FULL effect click on the above photo and check out the red, blackberry stains that ran down her cheeks from rubbing her face......priceless)

We had so much fun. It was a great experience all around. Before weighing the berries I stripped her down and washed off the clumps in a small wash bin. She smiled and laughed the whole way home.


Katie said...

silly sophia at the farm being berry beauuuuutiful!

Katie said...

come on schwartz family, where are those vacation pics?! hope you had a great adventure!