Sunday, April 20, 2008

After several weeks of fighting off various illnesses, we are enjoying each other and the spring weather in our yard. Raking has never been so fun!

Today it was in the 80's and Geo filled up the tub with water from the hose. Soph started throwing flowers in the water (which immediately reminded me of the day she was born) and splashed around. Piece by piece she stripped off her clothes and spend time airing out.

Geo ran some errands and they enjoyed some Father-Daughter time while I had a date with my knitting needles. I had big plans for the alone time but completely intoxicated by the yarn and needles. By the time they arrived home Geo had stories to tell and Soph had a new sweater.


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Katie said...

wow, what a great day! ha, and the flowers in the water brought the same memories to my mind :-). glad to see the nice weather has arrived and that everyone's feeling better!