Monday, February 25, 2008

Escaping the Wintery Blues

There is still a bit of snow on the ground from the last wintery storm. I, personally, am looking forward to the fresh blooms of spring. Any day now....I can't complain too much. This has been a mild winter. Now that Geo is home to fire up the snowblower all I have to do is make hot chocolate and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on the super cold days.

To escape the season we took a trip to Longwood Gardens to see the Orchid Extravaganza. What a breath of fresh air. If you live anywhere near Kennet Square you must plan a trip to the Garden (exhibit ends on 31 March). Is is well worth the admission fee.

In addition to the orchids we explored Longwoods new Indoor Children's Garden. It rocked! I HIGHLY recommend that you bring a change of clothes if you plan to take your little one (or husband) to this part of the garden. There are 17 fountains in addition to several other water features.

We had a blast getting wet. Sophia cried when we had to pack up and leave..which was right after we all started showing signs of acute hypothermia. We headed downstairs to the restrooms (which are conveniently located nearby) to change. After hitting the road it only took a mile or so before she was sleeping.


Katie said...

now you have to read the orchid thief! between your trip to florida, and this exhibit, I think you'll love the book... and then I'll stop nagging you about it!

Jessica said...

im so glad you posted. i miss all of your faces