Friday, January 25, 2008

Another Chapter Concludes

Dear Family & Friends,

We arrived safely in Manas last night, ending our year in Afghanistan.

Everyone is doing well despite the cold throughout the region. We spent most of yesterday at Kabul International outside or in a drafty tent, and then had an uneventul flight here to arrive to bitter cold. It was 0 degrees F when we arrived.

We are all in a large tent housing a couple hundred guys, but comfortable enough. The hardy Pennsylvanians are holding up well, and no one seems to be having any problems with the cold.

We expect to be here a couple more days now, and should arrive in Kansas over the weekend. Remember, we plan to be there about five days for outprocessing.

I'll write you again when we arrive there, and after that, you should be hearing from your Soldier so that he can let you know when his flight gets in.

We have been informed that there will not be group travel to Scranton, so everyone should be arriving at an airport close to their homes now.

Best to all,

Team Leader/Senior Mentor
1st Brigade, 201st Corps (ANA ETT)

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Katie said...

woohoo!!! such great news:-)