Saturday, December 29, 2007

Family and Friends Update

Dear Family & Friends,

This has been a relatively quiet week here (cannot say the same for Pakistan) -- no visits from any world leaders this week, but just a very nice Christmas day.

There was no work scheduled for our guys, so everyone got to sleep as late as they wanted. The headquarters group had a Christmas party in the late morning, and then everyone had a terrific lunch at the chow hall. In the afternoon, some of the guys got together for a football game and then we had a big dinner again (prime rib, fried turkey, steamship round, shrimp cocktail, ...).

Most of our guys broke down into two groups throughout the day: one group played a computer game that was networked across three Bhuts and the other engaged in a marathon session of watching the one season of the series "24." Strangely enough, both of these activities involve a lot of hollering either at the characters on the TV or the game monitor, so you know that our guys had a lot of fun.

I am also happy to report that our replacements arrived in country (edit). The 92-man group is at the NATO Camp Warehouse for some in-country training and will move over here to start the transition with us (edit).

There are no special plans for New Years, and we will be treating it pretty much as another work day. We do, however, want to wish you all a very happy holiday, and know that we are just a few short weeks away from returning now.

Happy New Year,

Team Leader/Senior Mentor
1st Brigade, 201st Corps (ANA ETT)

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