Thursday, November 22, 2007

Today is THE DAY!

Phone rings.
Mother wipes sleep from her weary eyes.
Alarm reads 8:40 am (uh...yeah..we were still sleeping).
N: Hello?
G: Hi! I'm in Atlanta.
M: NO SHIT!?! Really? For real?
G: Yeah. I'm on flight...
N: Really? Wow. You're in the States?
G: Uh..yeah..I got on an earlier flight. It's flight Delta...
N: Great!
G: Delta 9...
N: Wow!
G: Delta 94...
N: Could you repeat that?
G: DELTA 940

I checked the flight schedule. That gave me around 45 minutes to get up, get ready, dress the Peaster, eat, feed, clean the bathroom toilet, grocery shop, remove donation items from the entryway to the house, finish decorating for the holidays....did I mention grocery shop?

I expected that he'd be landing sometime in the afternoon if I was lucky...but most likely in the evening. So I thought I'd have time to do a few chorelike items. HA! So, I skipped the shower and just brushed my teeth, took care of the Squirt and we were out the door to PICK UP THE DADDER!

I was so excited I could hardly bare it. Seemed like quite a bit of emotion was stored up just waiting for R&R to pour out. I feel so blessed to be picking him up, to be spending the holidays with him. Word could never do justice.....But this picture explains it all:

He's amazing. He's a clown and we've both fallen in love with him (alllll over again!).

Geo and I came home to Old Mother Hubbar's house. Thankfully he wasn't really hungry for lunch and the lovely neighbors invited us for dinner. We enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving feast (which included Geo's first Lager in 10 months!). The food was great but the company was even better. This family has been so generous to us since we've moved into the neighborhood. They are what neighbors should be and we'll forever be in their debt.

Hope you and your family have a wonderfully warm holiday.


Dave said...

OUTSTANDING! Great to read that you are together again!!! Have a great time connecting as a family of three for the first time!!! DG

Katie said...

woohoo!!! we were so excited to see these pictures. happy thanksgiving, christmas, new years, and all that jazz from the schus. xoxo

Julie said...

I'm so happy you guys are all together! Congratulations! Wishing you three happy everything :)