Thursday, October 11, 2007

Birthing a Birth Fund

I've been on a mission lately. Another mom that used Rising Moon Midwifery and I have been named Co-Directors of the Birth Fund.

After having Sophia and experiencing the beauty that is an all natural birth in the comfort and peace of our own home I set out on a mission to spread the word. First I started a training program to become a doula (professional labor assistant) and a natural childbirth educator. I figured that one way to educate is to...well, educate. The second endevour was a suggestion to one of the midwives that we start a Birth Fund to assist families that wouldn't otherwise be able to afford to have a homebirth. (*Note* Insurance doesn't cover homebirths in PA...despite it only costing a portion of what a hospital birth costs...and almost nothing compared to what a c-section costs.)

So, my co-director, Amy, and I planned out fundraising ideas for the next year. The first was a consignment sale. The picture of her husband, Ed, was taken while we spent the week pricing and organizing donations. I would label the sale a success. As a matter of fact, it was so successful that Amy has decided that we should have another one this weekend at her house in Kennett Square where she lives. (If you drive down there look for all the wet signs plastered to the rained...).

Next up on the calender is a screening of The Business of Being Born. We're hosting a screening in Philadelphia on 10 November. (Get your tickets one the Birth Fund website). I had a chance to see it in New Jersey at a conference and I am really excited to be able to offer it to a wider audience in Philadelphia.

So, that's what's going on in my world. Soph is growing like a weed and I'm studying, planning, organizing, and delegating (sure, delegating...). Here is a video about BOLD another event that we're doing next year. It is 10 minutes in lenght...and well worth every minute.

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