Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Dear Friends & Family Members,

Another week has sped by, but unfortunately, it has not brought us closer to any better weather yet. We still go through a wet period every three-four days. Today is wet with snow and rain.

Sundays are bazaar day here where local vendors set up tables out our back gate. I haven't been back there today, but there might not be too many vendors today. Attached is a picture from last Sunday's bazaar, and a young vendor.

This past week, some of us were out for a reconnaissance in some other provinces that our ANA brigade will probably be operating in. It was actually warmer there than in Kabul, so it was a nice change -- sort of an early spring.

Our Brigade also completed an operation with the French Battle Group here. They searched several areas for weapons caches and they distributed humanitarian aid to poor villages and a clinic.

We are just in a normal operational schedule this coming week, nothing special coming up.

Best Regards,


1st Brigade, 201st Corps (ANA ETT)

This is a photo that George took of the road from Jalalbad to Kabul. The cut in the mountain is amazing.

This young lady was bouncing around and flirting with some of the Marines as they worked.

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