Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Blog World...Here We Come

Hello family and friends.

On the advice of a few people in our social circle, I am starting a blog to document our families journey throughout George's journey to Afghanistan. It seems as though there are so many new things going on in our lives, that the Family Update emails just aren't cutting it for some (yes, that's you Eileen). This should be a good forum for the exchange of information.
These are the housing units that Geo and the guys are living in . You can see the beautiful landscape in the back. There are several breathtaking views of the mountains and some of the ruins that surround them. This is another view of the scenery. On the hill stands the ruins of the Queen's castle.

There have been several days of rain and we were told that February and March are the rainy months in Afghanistan. This generates quite a bit of mud in the lower elevations and can can have devastating effects in the mountains. During the last heavy storm there were several roofs that collapsed in the Afghan communities and similarly to the PA National Guard, the Afghan soldiers were there to assist.

If you'd like more information on Task Force Phoenix please feel free to check out the website. It's filled with great information.

I have to say that things on the Homefront are going well. The Pea and I are both growing quickly but are feeling great. We have fairly regular computer contact with George ("The Dadder") and although we miss having him around to fix things and pitch in on the chores, we're managing in his absence. The emails and pictures surely help and keep us feeling very connected. We're blessed to have such strong technological tools in our lives. In addition to the technology, I'm blessed to have sure wonderfully supportive friends and family. There are always replies to the Friends and Family Update email that I send out and just hearing from you is wonderful beyond words. Thank you for your support!

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